Hold meetings regardless not erasing the stereotypes, but about coping with them

Mon 10.4.2017 9:52 pm

In my opinion, stereotypes can not be erased, because they are basically created by people who are not very smart and want to self-affirm in this way. These people will be around forever and there is almost certainly no way to change their mind. Even now a lot of people assocciate different groups with old stereotypes because they need these stereotypes to feel better about themselfs. In my opinion, the "smart" thing to do here is to ignore such obsolete things and help other people do the same. We need to help the eployees to learn to effectively ignore any stereotypes, and not in any case be influenced by them. Hold meetings on such topics, have a psychologist in staff, that can always give a consultation. Because, as much as we don't want it to be so, but stereotypes will be around for some time. But smart people should never let them stand in their way and let them affect them.

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