Incorporate activities engaging to select Information Systems for studies into existing interventions for girls

Tue 7.3.2017 1:07 am

Note: Interventions are specific activities aimed at changing a state of affairs (e.g., Craig, 2015).

- Increase the presence of the Information Systems (IS) study programme in the already existing at the University of Muenster (WWU) interventions aimed at motivating girls to select one of the STEM study programmes (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

  • MExLab (MExLab ExperiMINTe) is an umbrella organisation at the WWU organising different interventions for girls aimed at encouraging them to select one of the STEM study programmes.
  • Until now the IS study programme has not been specifically included into the MExLab interventions.

- Establish collaboration with the intervention organisers.

- Develop suitable activities to inspire girls to select IS for studies.

  • Existing activities for the other STEM study programmes can be used as best practice for initial inspiration.

- Explain within the interventions, what IS is about (interdisciplinary and diverse field), why it is interesting, tell about the benefits and opportunities of the IS profession etc.

- Underline that the IS study programme welcomes everyone and that it is an outdated stereotype that it is only for boys.

- Incorporate the required activities into the routine tasks of the IS student council and study coordinator to ensure sustainability.

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