Equal and transparent gender balance

Tue 18.4.2017 6:38 pm

Workforce diversification is a key component towards prosperous future of the company and asset upraise. But even nowadays, women's opinion sometimes misheard, put off the line, and treated badly. How do we finally eradicate this problem in the years ahead? Humanity has experience of female oppression coming back to previous centuries when they were not eligible for class attendance, voting process,etc. Everyone knows its consequences of ignorance of that issue and women's influential role removal from business and social life. In that instance, well known life-long strugglers of women rights emerged and took over the power, turned out to be high achievers and showed even greater results than many men at different fields including politics, poetry, science. What was significant, and scientific study showed, that they were more keen to problem solving issues, more cooperative than the men. All in all, it still remains unresolved. If I were about to change something, I would order the IT company to have at least 45% of women employed. It will certainly create opportunity for those who just graduated with lacking experience, strengthen the relationship and work bonds among employees and increase the level of trust.

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