Reduce gender pay, earnings and pension gaps and thus fighting poverty

Tue 23.5.2017 2:04 pm

Although women are successful in gaining qualifications, their subsequent careers are often more interrupted, they have lower pay and their careers are flatter. As a consequence, they earn less than men over their life cycle, and their pensions are lower. The gender pay gap is often moving in the opposite direction from the gender employment gap.

In most countries, there is a gender gap within each occupation. A number of recent experimental studies confirm that part of the pay gap can be explained by direct discrimination. This gap might also be due to wage premium related to some characteristics that are more prevalent among men.

In this case, it is necessary to develop a strategy that will allow to equalize this gap in all financial spheres between men and women.

Internal and external stakeholders: e.g.

Estimated time and resources: strategy development - up to 6 months, introduction and implementing within organization - not less than 12 months, analysis of the results - 1 month. And then implementation in other organizations and companies.

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